Sea To Summit - Pocket Shampoo
  • Sea To Summit - Pocket Shampoo

Sea To Summit - Pocket Shampoo

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Trek and travel shampoo

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Ensure you always arrive fresh, clean and ready to go with the Sea to Summit Trek and Travel Pocket Shampoo. Fitting easily into cabin baggage or an expedition pack, these palm sized pocket soaps will spruce up everything from your hair to body or clothes. The easy to ration dry leaves means there’s no risk of leakage and no risk of them being confiscated by airport security.


Ideal for travelling and camping
Complies with airline carry-on regulations including TSA in the USA
Eco friendly and biodegradable
Phosphate and paraben free
Compact, lightweight and dry
Green tea fragrance
50 soap leaves in each pack
weight 14 g

STS Pocket Shampoo
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