Sea To Summit - X-Pot 1.4L
  • Sea To Summit - X-Pot 1.4L
  • Sea To Summit - X-Pot 1.4L
  • Sea To Summit - X-Pot 1.4L
  • Sea To Summit - X-Pot 1.4L
  • Sea To Summit - X-Pot 1.4L

Sea To Summit - X-Pot 1.4L

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Sea to Summit’s X-Series has been a popular and comprehensive range of collapsible dinnerware for years. The range was designed to be extremely compact, made from good quality materials, and a colourful addition to your pack. The X-Series has now extended into cookware with hard anodised aluminium bases allowing campstove cooking. The products collapse and nestle inside each other to form compact cooking and eating sets that to suit any activity and group size. Made from flexible food grade silicone, the collapsible X-Pots are light weight, compact and durable. All of the pieces are calibrated as measuring cups, with measurements imprinted on the inside.

Lightweight and durable 6063-T6, hard anodised aluminium base
Food grade, heat resistant silicone walls fold down for convenient transport
Translucent, durable plastic shortens boil time and allows finer temperature control
Ribbed silicone handles secure the X-Pot lid during transport
X-Series nest together to form a compact cooking and dining set

X-Pot 1.4L
This small pot is a great size for a solo camper. No one likes making excess dirty dishes in the back country so the X-Pot 1.4L has been designed to fulfill both the requirements of a pot and a bowl. Whip up your favourite stir-fry and eat straight from your cooking pot.

Stainless steel ring embedded in the rim for easy lifting and stirring.
Can be a supporting pot in an X-Series cook system.
The silicone handles can lock onto the lid to secure an X-Kettle, X-Bowl or other X-series products inside the pot during transport

STS X-Pot 1.4L

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